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Kote Shree Subrahmanya SwamyTemple 


Via;Bellare Sullia Taluk -Karnataka 574212

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Dear Devotees,
Kote shree subrahmanya swamy temple constructed about 800 years ago The daily poojas are performed thrice a day in this temple which is situated is beautiful landscape. Ganesh Chaturthi,Noola Hunnime,Navarathree,shasti Mahotsava,Prathista Anniversary and the varties of cultural programmes are routinely performed every year.



Recently, the special attention has been given towards Upanayana,Wedding and to run the Veda Class or for many Sevas thus helping for the society and the people.

Respected His Hollness Shri Shrimadjagadguru Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamigal of Ramachandrapura Mutt had stayed here and blessed his followers when he had visited Panaja Seema.



So for as wc know "Ashitabandha Brahmakalasha" festivals were conducted in 1913,1976 and in 1990 respectively and the essential progressive works had been accomplished with the co-operation of the devotees and the institutions.

             Repairing works of Gopuram, construction works of Garbhagraha. the holy place for the minor deities in the east. Indoor roof,Balipeetam.Shastavu,Vanadurga.Mahadwara,the resideence for the priest,Audirtorium. Kitchen hall and borewell are completed. But the construction of Vasuki Sabha Mandira is essential for future development of the temple has to be started. But at present, we are not in a position to go ahead with existing funds of the temple. So it has been decided to fulfill the constructive works with the co-operation of devoted and the Institutions. It has been estimated to Rs 20,00,000/ for Vasuki Sabha Mandira. So we request you the devotees of Shree Swamy to kindly contribute liberrally and be blesseded.

   Your contribution would be received very greatefully as per the details given below:

1.The names and the addresses of those who contribute entirely towards the construction of building would be engraved in separate marble. Their names,biodatas,photos and their family photos would be published in the souvenir.The contributors would duly honoured.

2.The names of those who contribute Rs 1,00,000/ or more would be engraved in marble.in souvenir,their names,photos,biodatas the names and photos of their family would be published in the souvenir.

3.Those who contribute Rs 25,000/- or more,their names would be engraved in marblc. Their names,photos, and the biodatas would the published in the souvenir. Donor's photo will be affixed on the wall of Vasuki Sabha Mandira.

4.The names of those who contribute Rs.10,000/- or more would be engraved in marble. In the souvenir, their names and photos would be published.

5.The names of those who contribute Rs 5,000/-or more would be engraved in marble. In the souvenir,their names  would be published.

Those who donate therir contribution towards Vasuki Sabha Mandira will give by cash or by cheque or D.D towards the 

kote Subrahmanya Swamy Temple address.

The foundation has already been laid by his holiness Shreemad Shankaracharya Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamingal and the work is in progress.



yours faithfully,


Managing Trustee  










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